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Your Website is Rubbish

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Take a look at your website. Do it now before you read any further. See how many bullet points there are, and how often can you spot the word, “we”? Finished? Right, let’s have a chat about your website… Your website isn’t a brochure. It’s not a list of everything you can do and everything […]

Social Digital Media

Digital Media for Dummies

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Sometimes we come across clients who aren’t conversant with all the marketing tools we use to get the word out there.  Which is hopefully why they employ us. It’s our job to help them through the minefield of digital marketing and grow their presence in the virtual and the real world. In this article, let’s […]

Why does marketing not get what it deserves?

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Of course at Limeslade we think marketing is one of the most important business activities there is. But our whole business is based on that assumption, so we would say that, wouldn’t we? The idea that marketing should be done in a silo, separate from other business activities is widespread. What constitutes marketing is confused […]

Let’s have a chat about GDPR…

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‘Right, I’ve had enough’ I said this morning to my business partner. ‘If I get one more email telling me unless I go through a complex series of processes the sender will never speak to me again, I shan’t be responsible for my actions…’. Someone said to me recently: we seem to be going through […]

Networking – leave me alone…

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Networking & Business Development Firstly, business development (BD) and networking are not marketing. Nor are they more important than marketing. They can be a result of marketing or linked to marketing, but marketing activities are quite different from the relationship building and development associated with networking. I’ve had the privilege over the past eighteen years […]