F is for FIDIC

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FIDIC – the industry in which we work is replete with acronyms – SCL, CIOB, JCT, NEC, etc! This one is French – Federation International Des Ingineurs-Conseil. The French engineers association – most widely known for their suite of standard contract forms. If you don’t do a lot of work outside the UK, then this […]

E is for Expert

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What is an expert? Wikipedia tells us that in Babylonia, midwives would identify whether women were fertile or not. Arguably the earliest type of formal expert. Things have moved on a little since those days. Being an expert can be quite a lucrative profession, but as we learnt on an SCL course a few years […]

D is for Dispute Resolution…

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…this was a fairly obvious one. Continuing our personal alphabet of things we’ve learned about construction and law, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past 20 years, it’s that there will always be disputes to resolve. Here are a few of the techniques we’ve come across: Expert Determination An expert in a particular […]

BIM Digital Construction

B is For…

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Brexit? No. Even we’re beginning to tire of it now.  B is of course, for BIM. Building Information Modelling, Better Information Management, Digital Construction, The Digital Twin, The Future…   We’ve got a bit of a thing about this. Is it a continuation of things that have been going on for a long time? In 2004 […]