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FIDIC – the industry in which we work is replete with acronyms – SCL, CIOB, JCT, NEC, etc! This one is French – Federation International Des Ingineurs-Conseil. The French engineers association – most widely known for their suite of standard contract forms. If you don’t do a lot of work outside the UK, then this contract form might not trouble you much. However, it seems that as soon as you step outside the UK, then it’s almost ubiquitous.

Particularly popular in regions where major infrastructure projects are ongoing, and the Gulf region, the form comes in various colours. Each is designed for a different type of project, the latest being the ’emerald’ book, focussed on tunnelling projects. FIDIC projects often feature DRBs (Dispute Resolution Boards – there we go again) or DABs.  These aim to help with the resolution of disputes before they reach arbitration or other forms of formal resolution.

More information on FIDIC here.