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We all love a buzzword, don’t we? A few years ago in construction, BIM was all the rage. It’s now morphing into the ‘digital twin‘ (yes, we’re down with the kids at Limeslade!) and of course, ‘ConTech’.

What about wellbeing? Everywhere you turn at the moment, somebody seems to be talking about the need for wellbeing and ‘mindfulness’ (whatever that is!). It strikes us as great news that mental health is increasingly recognised as something we need to think about.

One of the big benefits of setting up your own business is you get to work the hours you want. Of course, the downside is that generally means you work 24/7. But you can squeeze in the odd break. As you may have seen, I recently went for a bike ride one afternoon. I stole Sarah’s mountain bike and went for an off-road adventure.

While I was out, I cleared out the progressively grey cells and came up with a brilliant (or so I thought) idea. It’s the A-Z series we’re putting on our website – which I hope you’ll read and enjoy!

Even the Government agree…

A government report has recognised the health benefits of cycling (and walking), particularly for mental health. With employers looking to ensure the welfare of teams, and employees looking for more from their employers, providing those extra breaks is all important.

But it doesn’t stop at health, particularly with cycling. For years I used to envy the golfers in the office, with their ‘golf days’ and their sports car hole-in-one prizes. Now the world is networking on two wheels. I know of people who will now only do business development if it involves getting on a bike and cycling! The Club Peloton Cycle To MIPIM (www.clubpeloton.org) is living proof that “business is done in the peloton”. Club Peloton tick all the relevant boxes – you network, you get fit and healthy, and you raise money for a great cause, all in the space of six days.

So it can grow your business, improve productivity and mental health, and you get to keep fit. What’s stopping you?

Of course it needn’t be all about cycling. Walking or other activities that get you away from the desk can all have the same benefit. But (in my view!) cycling does provide both a group and a solo activity which is fairly unique. However – whatever rings your bell, whether it’s music, sport, or some other recreation – do take some time out to relax.

We can help!

Finally, a quick plug – to take the stress out of running a corporate cycling event, work with us. We can put together a fantastic corporate day with pro support. It’s all risk assessed and insured, and we’ll ensure you, your clients and potential clients have a fantastic day out. Get in touch today to find out more, or have a look at our cycling page.