May 3, 2017

Marketing Strategy

Marketing advice and support

Understanding what works or doesn’t work in marketing a business is crucial for success. Some things work for some businesses and some work for others. Your business will inevitably grow faster if you correctly identify where to direct your efforts, and then implement a carefully budgeted plan.

Marketing should be more than ensuring logos look nice and the right font is used. Branding is important, but even more important is your bottom line. Is your marketing working for you, and does your business have a strategic and budgeted plan? Objective and measured approaches to marketing are crucial to ensure successful results. 

Are you doing the right things to attract the right clients and team members? Whether that’s ensuring quality, or implementing systems. Or it may be identifying the right type of knowledge sharing or social media activity to undertake
  • Is your marketing delivering revenue?
  • What testing is in place?
  • How is your marketing measured?
  • Are you regularly checking and reporting on marketing progress?
  • What’s important to your team and your clients/customers?

Often teams focus on the ‘latest thing’. An important part of our strategy is ensuring a balanced approach to methods of marketing and communications. Ensure you use the right medium, whether traditional letters or the latest online media. Select the right medium and the right message and ensure you reach the right clients.

Thought Leadership

In the professional services field, whether law firm, barrister’s chambers, solicitors or consultants, knowledge sharing and ‘thought leadership’ are key. We can help you research, draft and bring articles to publication through links with leading B2B journalists.

For examples of our published work see:

Let us help you review your marketing strategy, put in place plans and processes to ensure you maximise the benefits and minimise wasted time and money.