April 28, 2017

Business Development

Business Development Support & Mentoring

We’ve appreciated for some time now the truth in the phrase, “it’s not what you know…”. This is true in professional services as much as anywhere else. We’ve always enjoyed putting people in touch with the right people – whether it’s friends who get on well, or business people who can help each other professionally.

Helping people to develop their personal networks is great fun and incredibly rewarding when it works out. Let us help you find the right people to meet, build your network and ensure your business is a success. Call it coaching or mentoring, or simply support – we’ll help you get the most from your skills and knowledge.

BD & Networking training & coaching

Almost everyone baulks at the thought of doing ‘business development’ or ‘networking’ or any of those dreaded words professionals fear most. Very few people are naturally inclined to ‘do’ business development. And the people who are naturally drawn to it aren’t the type of people most people want to meet!

Often members of a team won’t listen to an in-house voice, but are more inclined to appreciate the advice of an independent adviser.

We’ve been there and experienced the challenges of learning how to develop a network. Drawing on experience of past 18 years, let us help you and your team understand the benefits of building a network. We’ll help you do it without being intimidated by it.

BD Implementation and Support

Would you like to do more BD? Do you find yourself bogged down by the daily grind? Take us with you, use our extensive network of contacts and let us drive your business development activities. We’ll keep on top of the meetings and activities so you don’t have to. The key to great BD is ‘fixing the roof while the sun shines’. Don’t wait until you’ve no work to get your BD strategy underway, let’s get it started today.